Kiah X Vimto
Born: 10 May 2009

2009 Solid Black Gypsy Colt Vines Lines"

Phineas is a solid (in color and build!) black Gypsy Horse colt by Vimto out of Kiah (both of
Midnight Sun Ranch in Spokane Washington). He is a rather adventurous fellow
born Mother's Day, May 10 2009. His head is beautifully refined with tipped ears. His
double mane, tail and feather are growing abundantly.  We expect him to be around 14.2
hands when mature.

This guy is sweet, curious, patient and a quick learner. He leads, loads great in the trailer,
is pleasant for the farrier, and gets along well with all other horses. He has been raised by
a Natural Horsemanship Family.

Phineas' known bloodlines include The Lottery, The Old Coal Horse and Mojo on his sire's
side. His dam is of Irish descent.

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