GEMMA - $8500
Ailish X Vimto
Born: 2011

Midnight Sun Ranch Gemma is our lovely 2011 filly out of our own Midnight Sun Ranch
Ailish and Midnight Sun Ranch Vimto. She is a spectacular black pinto with sharp markings
and hints that she will roan out as she matures.

Gemma is a curious and confident filly who bravely explores the world around her. She
loves people and trying out new things. At two weeks old she is beginning to learn what it
means to yield to a feel on the halter.  Gemma's name is of Latin origin and means
"Jewel". She certainly has lived up to her name so far; in looks and spirit. Our program for
haltering and teaching foals to lead is based on each horse's time line, and Gemma
was way ahead of the class. At just over two weeks old she was waiting patiently near her
mother, waiting to be haltered up and lead back to her evening pen. This filly loves to act
grown-up, but has not lost her young exuberance and curiosity either. She is exceptionally
friendly with new people, and is a favorite for visitors of the Ranch.


Michele Bournonville and John Fejes
Midnight Sun Ranch
Spokane, WA 99224
Phone: 509-448-0627
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