Hello and welcome to our website! We are thrilled you are interested in Gypsy horses - they are truly an enchanting
and magical breed. We are using the term "American Gypsy Horse" as a collective term for any gypsy horse here in the
U.S. and Canada.  This breed has many names - Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, etc. They are all one and the
same breed - we know it is quite confusing!

Think these horses aren't for you?? Think again! Prices have dropped significantly.  To know a gypsy horse is to fall
head over heels in love with it!  Gypsy horses are being used from everything from 4H to Western Pleasure to Driving
to Dressage to trail riding. Some are backyard pasture pals and others are top show horses.  This is one of the few
breeds where youngsters are kid friendly.  This is a breed you can truly grow up with. You will see several pictures of
children sitting on the backs of young gypsy stallions - try that with your Arab!  Please take a look at our slideshows to
see what we are doing with our gypsies.

We are a group of Gypsy Horse breeders right here in North America. Each of us owns only a handful of breeding
stock.  Our horses are top-quality and meet or exceed breed standards. Due to the small number of stock each of us
has for sale, we are listing our horses on a common website. We hope this website helps make choosing and
comparing gypsy horses a little easier for the buyer.  Each breeder has their own program. We have created Youtube
slide shows or videos for most breeders to help you get to know us and our horses. Other than listing our horses on a
common website, we are completely unrelated and independent of each other.  We are not part of a huge
conglomerate, we don't mass produce, and we do not price-fix between our various farms. We cherish our horses as
individuals. We love our horses. They are our friends and part of our family. We want you to experience the same joy of
owning one of these remarkable horses as we have.

The sale horses come from many different breeders. Please be sure to contact the correct breeder associated with any
horse you are interested in.  If you would like to have your horse added to this site, please email particulars to
gypsycob@aol.com. Listings and slideshows are free.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!

Stay tuned for our 2016 foals. The latest 3 2016 foals born at our participating farms will be
pictured below.

Please visit our
2016 Expected Foals pages to see what the gypsy stork will be bringing in
2016! As foals are born, they will be shuffled up so that foals are listed in the order born.

New Horses Added: 01 Oct 2016 (1 Mare, 1 Filly, 2 Colts, 6 2016 Foals added since 19 Sep )
Newest 2016 Foals Added:  0
1 Oct 2016.  Foals born to date (with pictures): 6

New  Videos Added: 21 December 2016 (Christmas Sales List) These are really worth watching!  
Congress Hill's
Gorgeous Stallion
Dun BoDee and
rider Nikki at the
PA World Horse
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Some of our All-Breeder Videos

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