FF CHAVO - Stud Fee $1200
FF Chavo is a beautiful grey blagdon Gypsy stallion that currently stands 15 hh, but he
is expected to reach 15.3hh. He has the best temperament of any horse we've ever
owned or had the pleasure of handling, and his eyes will tell you he is far more wise
then his body is old. With his wonderful disposition, nice confirmation, heavy feathering
and an awesome mane and tail, Chavo has all the right attributes to be the sire of
your next foal. However, if you are looking to breed for performance look no further
because Chavo's best attribute and contributing factor to this breed has to be his
movement. For as massive and heavy as he is (1100lbs at just 2 y/o), his movement is
so elegant, graceful and effortless, that he is absolutely mesmerizing to watch, so
much so, that often times neighbors will stop their cars, while driving past the
pastures, just to watch him. Chavo has been evaluated by some of the top Dressage
trainers in Ohio and they all agree, Chavo has what it takes to compete against the
"Big Boys" in Dressage.

Chavo's sire was a heavy black and white Gypsy stallion named Sampson, but was
sometimes known as The Bun Mare Stallion, as his dam was the famous Bun Mare.
Chavo's dam is a beautiful grey mare named Bobbi, who is out of Old Pride lines.

FF Chavo will begin his saddle training in August 2007. After he has the basics, we
are very fortunate to get Caroline Berg-Redmond ( Caroline trains under Carol Grant
http://www.equistrideinternational.com/pages/carolegrant.htm), one of Ohio's top
Dressage trainers, and an Olympic hopefull to take on Chavo's Dressage training in
October 2007. We hope, by next Spring, that Chavo is far enough along to compete
him in some of the NODA schooling shows and at some USDF rated shows.

Our breeding goals are to produce top dressage Gypsy performance horses. FF
Chavo is the stallion that will help achieve this goal. Where will your next performance
Gypsy Horse come from? Contact us today!

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