SNOWFLAKE - $13,000
HV Snowflake

Foundation Stock

Gypsy CaraVanners is selling one of our prized mares, Snowflake. Snowflake is a
total sweetheart & my most trusted mare. She is green-broke (will accept a bridle,
saddle, & rider), we give pony rides on her to the kids, but she will need some work
& it’s been a little while for her. She is a great producer, Mother, & my most trusted

Available In or Out of Foal to One Step Ahead of the Jailer for 18k
(Silver Dapple Tobiano)

Bay & White with Marbled Blue Eyes – Carries the Agouti Gene

Ee TT Aa

GVHS & GHRA Registered.

Snowflake is pictured with her 2014 filly, CaraVanner's The Sadler Mare (also for
sale) in May 2015.

More info & pics are available on Snowflake's website:

*0% financing available until she foals in the Summer or 2016, if Gypsy
CaraVanners keeps the foal.  Call for pricing & terms.


Gypsy Cara Vanners
Hemando, FL
Phone: 864-72GYPSY
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