CaraVanners The Sadler Mare - Blue Eyed Filly  
(AKA Sadie)  
Anubis (The Last Born Son of The Lottery Horse)  x  Snowflake

Barn Name: The Silly Filly  

GVHS 4 Star Rated Filly at ONLY 10 Months!!! looking for a Show Home!
{Pictured at only 10 months, & she is dripping in feather!}

This little lady is solid, not only in build but temperament.  

She is not only built like a tank, but acts like 1 too! Nothing seems to phase this girl,
even when we try to scare her off!  

2 Partial Blue Eyes  
Should finish about 14.2 H  

1.5 Blue Eyes with a few little Black Spots on All 4 Feathers!

More info. & pics are available on Silly Filly's Website :


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