Love Biscuit
Sire:  Foundation
Dam:  Foundation
D.O.B.  2005
Red/Black Factor - Ee  *  Agouti - Aa
Tobiano - Single Gene  *  Creme - Single Gene  *  Pearl - Single Gene

Doc, as we call him around the farm,  is a 5 year old, very unique and special, gypsy
stallion.   Not only does he carry the creme gene, which allows him to produce
palomino's, buckskins, and smoky black foals, but also the pearl gene.  When the two are
combined, the pearl acts like a second creme gene and gives the appearance of a double
dilute such as cremello, perlino, and smoky creme.

Doc is also unique as he stands taller than the average gypsy horse at 15 hands.  He has
a strong build, the preferred "apple butt", a double mane, and silky feather.  Not to
mention an extremely soft, flowing thick tail.  Doc's movement is top notch.  For such a
powerful stallion he is extremely fluid.  He is extremely versatile in his trot with both
extension and high stepping knee action.

Doc is registered with both the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society and Gypsy Horse
Association. To date we know of 8 foals that Doc has sired:  3 FILLIES and 4 COLTS.  
He has sired a palomino, buckskins, bay and black pearl both solid and tobiano, along
with bay tobiano.   

In 2010 Doc will be running with all 5 gypsy mares at Gone Gypsy Farm and we are very
excited to see the results starting in April 2011.

Doc is available to 5 Gypsy mares and 5 non-gypsy mares in 2010.  Doc's introductory
stud fee for 2010 is $1250.00 which includes a $250.00 Booking Fee.  Reserve your
breeding now.

Doc is STANDING AT STUD at Gone Gypsy Farm.
Ocala, FL

Denise Weisberger (Owner)
Bar None Gypsies
Ocala, FL
Phone: 740-317-4026

Terri and Joe Yates
Gone Gypsy Farm
Ocala, FL
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