SD Woolly Mammoth X SD Maggie (Blue Roan)
Born: 2008
Registration: GHRA B00000904

Cotton Eyed Joe is a son of SD Farm's legendary stallion, Woolly Mammoth. Cotton
has the proper gypsy cob build - nice head, short back, apple rump, good bone, and
hair to spare. Beautiful head and neck. Cotton is now starting to come into his own,
making the transition from colt to young stallion. He is starting to chunk up and fill out.
Although he has rubbed off quite a bit of him mane and feather, Cotton is a strikingly
beautiful gypsy horse.

Cotton has been DNA verified as carrying one roan gene. While he is one of the more
unusual colors, Cotton was bred for type not color.  He has a wonderful disposition -
laid-back, friendly, and willing.   Cotton will be on the smaller side, probably 14h or so
when finished growing.

If you are looking to add both quality and color to your breeding program, Cotton may
be just what you are looking for.

DNA Color Tested:
Black/Red: Ee (1 black, 1 red gene)
Agouti: aa (non-agouti, ie not bay)
Roan: n/Rn (1 Roan gene)
Cream, Sabino1, gray: all negative

Stud Fee: $1500 LFG
Standing at Greensleeves Carriage Company - Winona, TX

Lyn Jenkins
Greensleeves Carriages and Gypsy Horses
14938 CR 363
Winona, TX 75792
Phone: 903-245-1994
American Gypsy Horses
Cotton's Spectacular Sire - SD Woolly Mammoth